Photographer & artist. Lover of human emotion, peanut butter & my children's bedtime. 

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I'm one of those introverted extroverts. My high school volleyball coach called me a social butterfly. I get it now, because I was friends with EVERYONE.  I LOVE coffee. I only have six cups a day but I think I can do seven. I'm a mama to 3 kiddos + wife to the biggest 'child' of the family. I try & do everything with meaning + purpose + love. It gives me meaning + purpose.  


Since the age of five I've always had a camera in my hands. See blurry photo (left) taken with my kodak film camera of my first grade class. My focus has improved over the years, not only through the lens, but in life, and it has led me to this beautiful path. Capturing love. It's pretty much my favorite thing. Snapping a photo isn't just about freezing the look of things. It's about capturing the feelings and emotions of that second, of that day, of that piece of life. The closest thing to a time machine really, and it is pretty amazing I get to give that to you.

My favorite things



I'm a mom to three of the cutest kiddos i've seen. I don't know how we got so lucky. Our oldest is too smart for his own good. Both in wit and everything else. I don't know the answer to 80% of his questions. I've learned so much because of him.
Next in line, our three year old. JOY. PURE JOY he is. I think he may have a future career as a comedian or actor. He's sweet, but sour in the most entertaining ways.
Our youngest is the sweetest little girl. The way she squinches her nose and giggles as she crawls away gets me right HERE. (In the heart muscle.) 
Being a mom has been the best and as these little moments fly by I do my best to write them down, take a photo, and take time for these three. 


My three crazies

Did I mention I love coffee? I usually go for a dirty chai, or vanilla latte with an extra shot and almond milk...half the syrup. Not too sweet, and I like to taste the coffee! On average I heat my cup up 4 times per day. Half of the time I find it stuck in the microwave forgotten after hours of playing with the kids. #momlife 
Coffee is my lifeline. Along with prayer... and peanut butter. 


Growing up,  I was classified as "the creative one" by everyone that knew me, and still am. I definitely don't mind. Being creative means I find new and innovative ways to do things. I see things others can't. I try things that have never been done and I throw caution to the wind when a challenge arises. I may seem a little frazzled + disorganized at times, but I have it figured out. Being creative means everything to me. It is the essence of life. We were all created. Made out of dirt. When I can make something out of soul sings. (And I'm not a good singer. Also not a good cook. Can't make something out of nothing in the kitchen folks!) 


I hate being cold. I love warm coffee. Oh, did I mention that? I can never stop looking for picture spots when I drive anywhere. Fall is my favorite. I kiss my kids over 50 times a day. I'm sure of it. I love driving by myself so I can sing as loud as I want and listen to my podcasts. If I wasn't a photographer I fancy myself a detective or an actress. My color personality is BLUE and a little bit of YELLOW. Also ENFP. Essential Oil lover. Dreamer. Designer. Photographer. Artist. 

Random Things

I would love to be the one to capture your smiles, your love, your face in this moment in time. It goes by so fast. Heck, as I write this, it's almost May and I feel like it was only December yesterday. As I twirled my two year old son in the pool this morning and whispered "I love you" as he held on to me tight and whispered "I ove oo too, mama." I so wished I could freeze that moment. I burned it in my memory by writing about it just now, but to have a picture for the books is infinite. Even if it's only paper. It's worthy of remembrance. I'm about those moments. I'm about your memories. I'm about preserving love. 





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