Wilcoxon Family in Yankton, SD


When my cousin Amanda texted me up asking me to possibly come visit and take some photos of her husband and kiddos as a surprise, I jumped at the chance. Yes of course! See her husband, Josh, is also a photographer, and a really talented one at that. When we floated at our Grote Reunion last year, I picked his brain about photography, and every time he posts something, I just adore it. ADORE it. 

This shoot was supposed to be a surprise, but being Josh, and Amanda being Amanda, he pulled it out of her. I get it. If there is some sort of “surprise” on the calendar I need to know what kind of surprise, what I need to wear, what we will be doing, and how we are going to get there, how much time I’ll need to be ready, and ok … you better just tell me.

You are a kind and amazing dad, and Jaxon and Arya are so lucky to have a guy like you to look up to. You also have an insane amount of comics, so you must be pretty cool. Love you all. 


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