Ok, Before I wrote this, I stretched, filled up my coffee, heated it up, stretched again, looked around my messy office, got a snack, checked instagram. You know, all the things it takes to write a bio. I'm a super mixed bag. When I took the enneagram test it gave me my number and then told me my other close numbers and I was almost even with five others.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it says to me, that I can literally get along with anyone. And I keep it real.  I was once voted "best all around" by my peers. I mean, our class was only 42 people, but still.  I found a way to get along with everyone. And I think it still rings true. I LOVE staying in and being cozy, but I thrive on celebrating community and planning parties also. I'm always up for adventure and I love celebrating the things in life that make us happy, make us tick, work together, fall in love, and feel free. By the way my enneagram numbers are 7 but i identify with a lot with 4. I'm an idealist, a dreamer, an enthusiast, an artist. 

I have three kids and a husband. As you can tell from the picture below, I love celebrating the messy realness of life. It's not terribly messy but my daughter was sticking her blue tongue out in every family photo...so that's what we got! And that is literally 'her' so I celebrate it. Who gave her a blue sucker right before family pictures anyway? I'm not pointing fingers but he's got red hair and a maroon polka dot shirt on. I'm also a coaches wife so literally a single mom in the fall. My husband's passion is football and his family. I love seeing him coach and do his thing.

MY kids are THEE best. They have their days but they are seriously the best.  If you follow me on instagram you probably know all about them.  :) 

I'm Rachel! an idealist, a dreamer, an enthusiast,
an artist. 


Coconut flakes

That's it.
THEY ARE the worst. 

My Least Favorites

Love and Connection
HippIE Vibes
fresh air...especially warm fresh air
adventurous people
natural products
peanut butter on everything
Hot Baths
wine night with the girls
speeches at weddings
throwing parties
Earth tones
harry potter, GOT, Star Wars
all that nerdy shit
crime stories
boho and unique everything
windows down + loud music
music + concerts
beautiful sunsets
creative people
...taking photos...duh. :) 

MY Favorites